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      Getting Started

      Register as a Member

      While it’s possible to buy wine at Cracka Wines without pre-registering, to ensure your experience is as simple and enjoyable as possible it is best to set yourself up as a Member as soon as possible. Register now − it’s fast, easy and free.

      What do I need to be able to join?

      Things you will need when you join:

      1. An email address
      2. A delivery address in Australia
      3. Your good looks!

      Additionally, you will need to supply a valid credit card if you want to purchase any wine or place a bid in our Cracka Wines’ Auctions.

      Your responsibilities

      When you sign up to a Cracka Wines account you undertake that you will:

      • Keep your account safe by not sharing your sign in details or storing them in an un-secured location.
      • Notify us immediately if you suspect your account has been tampered with.
      • Make sure your credit card details are up to date and that your credit card details are valid.
      • Familiarise yourself with our website’s terms and conditions.

      Signing In

      If you've already registered, you can sign in to your Cracka Wines account. If you haven’t previously registered, select the Register Now link to create your Cracka Wines account. To protect your identity and privacy, you will be asked for your password when updating certain account details.

      How do I sign in to my Cracka Wines account

      1. Click on "Sign in" at the very top right of the website
      2. Enter your email address and password
        • Optional: to stay signed in until you sign out
          Select the 'Keep me signed in today' check box
        • For safety: If you're using a public or shared computer
          always click the 'Sign Out' button at the top right of the page when you have finished.
      3. Click the 'Sign In' button.

      I forgot my password!

      Click to Sign in and then select the “I forgot my password” link.

      Having Problems?

      Having problems getting registered or signing in? Contact us and we’ll sort things out for you.

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      Daily Deals / Wine Auctions


      Cracka Wines' Daily Deals are different to other auctions - but relax they’re not complicated. Take a few minutes familiarising yourself with the information provided below and you’ll be a Cracka Wines Auction expert in no time. Note that we also have a "How It Works" area that is accessible from all auction pages which includes video tutorials and a comprehensive overview of everything auction related.

      Basically, the price starts falling in a Cracka Wines' Auctions when the countdown for the auction 'start' time reaches zero. Each auction runs for an hour, is for a specific product, and will have a pre-determined number of Cases of that product allocated to it. Each auction will also have a specific Starting Price, which will generally be the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). When the auction clock starts, the price starts falling!

      You can purchase a case at any time during an auction for the "Current bottle price" being displayed - by clicking on the "Accept Price" button. You can also make an offer (place a bid) at any time before the auction 'start' time or during an auction by clicking on the "Make An Offer" button. Auctions end when all of the available Cases have been purchased, or when the "Last Chance" period concludes 60mins after the start of each auction.

      Bid Early or Accept Price during the auction

      With Cracka Wines there are two different ways you can participate in our auctions:

      Firstly, you can immerse yourself in all of the action of the live auction and you can click on the "Accept Price" button when the time is right - taking your chances and basing your decision on the current price, the number of cases remaining, and your best guess of when to get in before other Cracka users grab the last remaining cases from under you! Alternatively - and particularly if you can’t be there for the live auction - you can place a bid prior to the start of, or during a live auction at a price which you are happy to pay and a price at which you hope there will be some cases left for you to win. The strategy you choose is entirely up to you!

      1. ACCEPT (THE CURRENT) PRICE − this is the best and most exciting way to buy in Cracka Wines’ Auctions.

      You can watch the live auction and see the price reducing whilst at the same time watch other buyers purchase the available cases at different prices. Buying this way lets you try to anticipate the best time to get in before everything is sold. However, be careful not to wait too long as there could be a group of sealed bids waiting to win all of the remaining products at any time!

      To Accept the current Price, just wait until the current price of an item reduces to your preferred amount and then click on the "Accept Price" button. When you click on the "Accept Price" button you will be shown the total cost of the case together with the delivery costs. You will then be asked to confirm that you are happy to pay the total amount. Once payment is confirmed, the wine is yours! Remember, if you take too long to confirm your payment or to submit your delivery address, etc, then you can still miss out - so get in sooner rather than later!

      Psssst... here's a tip... and another HUGE bonus of watching the live auctions through to the very end; if someone's payment fails due to a - heaven forbid! - stolen Credit Card, then the cases they had secured will be dropped back into the auction for whoever is lucky enough to be watching. Just think, if you're watching you might pick a random win like this for less than what everyone else has paid. Sweet hey! Serious note: unfortunately, if you've been outbid then we cannot simply re-instate your bid when situations like these occur, sorry.

      Note that if you’re not registered or even signed in then your purchase will take a little longer and other buyers could buy all of the remaining cases whilst you are in the middle of processing your membership, submitting your delivery details, or signing in. To avoid the risk of missing out, be sure to register and then pre-load your delivery and payment details within the MyCracka section of the website so you can quickly confirm these during the auction to lock in that case! Remember, the wine is not yours until your payment has been confirmed. Good luck!

      2. MAKING AN OFFER - this is most useful for people who can’t watch the live auction.

      Making an offer (or bidding) in Cracka Wines' auctions is a lot like bidding on other auctions - but there’s a big difference! With traditional auctions you place a bid that is higher than the previous bid, is visible to all other participants, and will be the winning bid should no other person bid higher.

      With Cracka Wines' auctions you make your offer at a price you would like to pay in the hope that it is slightly more than what other members are willing to pay for the available cases – but no one else can see the value of your offer. Your offer is successful if there are Cases available when the 'Current Price' reduces to the value of your offer. You can submit your offers at any time in the 7 days prior to or during the live auction.

      It’s important to note that early offers rank higher than identical offers of the same value. This means that if 10 people offer the same amount for the last remaining case, then the earliest bidder will be the one who wins – so it’s always best to get your bids in early.

      Auction Terminology

      Auction Start Time

      Cracka Wine Auctions are generally scheduled to start every hour from 1pm to 8pm AEST/AEDT, and run for one hour or until all cases in the auction are sold.

      Starting Price

      The starting price is the price of the product before the live auction begins and the price starts to fall. Typically the price of all wines start falling from their RRP.

      Current Price

      The Current Price is the price of the product being auctioned at a particular point of time during the live auction process. The price of auction items in Cracka WInes' auctions reduces throughout the 'live' auction process, so the longer you wait the cheaper it gets. Beware; if you wait too long you might just miss out!

      Reserve Price

      A reserve price is the lowest price at which the seller is willing to sell a product. Cracka encourages all sellers to list their products without a reserve price so that you get to set the price that you want to pay.

      Price Reduction

      The main difference with the Cracka auction process is that the product for sale will have a starting price - usually the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) - which continually reduces throughout the live auction until all cases are sold or until the reserve price is reached. Each price reduction step is determined by the “Current Price” of the product at the time. The higher the product’s current price then the larger the price reduction steps.

      Sealed Bids

      Other buyers will see that you have made an offer, but the dollar value of your offer will always be ‘sealed’ when viewed by all other buyers - the value of your offer will, however, be visible to you when you are signed in. This is part of what makes Cracka Wines’ Auctions fun. It’s a game of skill as you try to guess what the other buyers have offered or what they are willing to pay as you watch the price fall.

      Buyer's Fee

      There is a 15% administration fee that is applied to the winning bid price. The Buyer's fee is GST inclusive. The buyer's fee is calculated on the value of your offer and is only charged if your offer becomes a winning offer or you complete a Buy Now transaction during the auction.

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      Wines for Sale


      Our Wines for Sale area is like a for wine - allowing you to buy excess inventory directly from wineries at prices set by the winemakers.

      To help you decide what to buy, we have compiled a vast amount of information about each of our winemakers and their wines – including reviews from some of Australia’s leading wine writers. In addition, all of the wines listed for sale have been tasted (tough gig!) and rated by our expert panel.

      This combination of information, great prices and independent reviews – ensures that you get greats wine at unbelievable prices.

      Please note that all the wines sold via our Wines for Sale area are direct from the winery to you. As a result we are unable to bundle to reduce delivery costs, and delivery prices and times may vary for you across different wine purchases.

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      My Cracka


      MyCracka is the place to go for everything relating to your Cracka Wines membership account.

      Within the MyCracka section of the website you can update some of your account details, including items like your auction 'Display Name', as well as manage your email preferences, password and payment details. To update your address details, please contact us or give us a call on 1300 272 252.

      MyCracka also allows you to

      • View your auction bids
      • Increase your auction bids
      • Review purchase information

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      Questions & Answers


      Who can make an offer (place a bid)?

      Only registered Cracka Wines members can make offers (place bids) on auctions. Register now!

      How do I place make an offer/bid?

      Simply click the "MAKE AN OFFER" button, select the price you want to pay using the up/down arrow buttons, then submit the rest of your details to complete the submission.

      Does it cost anything to play?

      No, there is no cost to make offers in our auctions. Your credit card will only be charged if you win. Please note that if you use PayPal for bidding then PayPal will secure your total bid value as a 'pending' payment - where a bid is unsuccessful then this 'pending' payment is released by PayPal 30mins after the auction in which the bid was placed has closed.

      What buyer's fees do you charge?

      There is a 15% administration fee that is applied to the winning bid price. The Buyer's fee is GST inclusive. The buyer's fee is calculated on the value of your offer and is only charged if your offer becomes a winning offer or you complete a Buy Now transaction during the auction.

      Is an offer/bid binding?

      Yes, our Terms & Conditions stipulate that once an offer/bid is placed it is binding. If the offer is successful, you will be charged for the products.

      Can I increase an offer/bid?

      Yes. Simply click on your bid under the “Your Bids" section on the right of the auction clock on the full auction details page, and follow the prompts. Note that you must be signed in to see your bids

      Note also that if you want to increase the number of cases your bid applies to you may also have to increase the value of your bid so that your bid price is higher than other bidders trying to secure the remaining cases.

      Can I decrease an offer/bid?

      No. Because your offer can cause another member’s offer to be out-bid, then you are committed to this offer and subsequent purchase if the bid is successful.

      Can I cancel an offer/bid?

      No. Because your offer can cause another member’s offer to be out-bid, then you are committed to this offer and subsequent purchase if the bid is successful. Please refer to "Wine Auctions / Daily Deals - Your Obligations" on our Website Terms & Conditions page.

      I bid on multiple cases; but only won some of them, why?

      Your offer/bid becomes a winning offer/bid when the current price reduces to your offer's dollar value. If your offer is for multiple cases you will win all of those cases if the number of cases remaining is equal to or greater than the number of cases you bid for. If the number of cases remaining is less than the number of cases you bid for then you can only win the remaining number of cases. We will email you every time you are outbid on one of the cases you have bid for so that you will always know how many cases you are still in the running to win.

      Can I set a high and a low offer/bid value?

      No. This type of bidding is not compatible with our unique reverse auction system. This is because at any time during the auction another player can use the "Buy Now" option to secure the last remaining case(s).

      Do you have a proxy bidding system?

      No. This type of bidding is not compatible with our unique reverse auction system. This is because at any time during the auction another player can use the "Buy Now" option to secure the last remaining case(s).

      When does an offer/bid win?

      Your offer will win the product the instant the current price of an auction item reduces to the value of your offer.

      How do I know if my offer/bid wins?

      You will get a confirmation email if your offer is successful.

      I’ve been Outbid, what does this mean?

      It means that more people have offered higher amounts for the remaining auction cases. If cases remain then you can increase your offer or place a new offer to say in the game.

      How do I tell if I’ve been outbid?

      We will send you an email the instant your offer is out-bid.

      I have made an offer, but now want to “ACCEPT PRICE”; what can I do?

      Just click the “ACCEPT PRICE” button and process your purchase - this will cancel your offer/bid. Note that if your offer was for multiple cases then you must purchase the same (or more) number of cases you originally bid for.

      Why can't I place a lower offer/bid price?

      The system ensures that the bidding tool will only accept the lowest price that will ensure your offer is 'in-play'. Any offer lower than the lowest value accepted by the bidding tool would immediately be 'out-bid', so this system saves you from inadvertently making 'out-bid' offers!

      About "sealed" bids

      Because Cracka Wines auctions work differently to other auctions, other members offers remain sealed so that they have a chance of securing the product for the price that they want to pay. If their offers were not sealed then members watching the live auction would be able to purchase the product just before the price reduces to match the offer value. Which isn’t fair, really! Note that you do not have to do anything to place a sealed bid as your bids will always appear sealed to all other website users, but will be visible to you if you are 'Signed In'.

      Can I sell my wine on Cracka Wines?

      No, not at this stage. Cracka is dedicated to bringing you the best available wines from the best producers at the best prices. We also personally endorse and guarantee all of the products sold on Cracka.

      When does an auction close?

      Auctions usually run for one hour, but will also end when all available Cases have been purchased.

      What is a display name?

      A Display Name is the unique name used to identify you within Cracka Wines’ Auctions. It is seen by other Cracka Wines users when you are active (buying or bidding) within auctions. You can add/update your display name within the MyCracka section of the website.


      Why does Cracka Wines need my credit card when making an offer?

      We require a credit card to prevent fraudulent auction activity which may adversely affect other Cracka Wines customers.

      How do I update/change my credit card?

      You are able to update your credit card details whenever you place a new bid or click to Buy Now. You can also update your credit card (and all of your other account details) within the "My Cracka" section of the website - look for the link to the "My Cracka" section at the top of the website.

      Are my credit card details secure?

      Absolutely! Cracka Wines uses the eWAY Payment Gateway for its online credit card transactions. eWAY processes online credit card transactions for thousands of Australian merchants, providing a safe and secure means of collecting payments via the Internet.

      All online credit card transactions performed on this site using the eWAY gateway are secured payments.

      • Payments are fully automated with an immediate response.
      • Your complete credit card number cannot be viewed by Cracka Wines or any outside party.
      • All transactions are performed under 128 Bit SSL Certificate.
      • All transaction data is encrypted for storage within eWAY’s bank-grade data centre, further protecting your credit card data.
      • eWAY is an authorised third party processor for all the major Australian banks.
      • eWAY at no time touches your funds; all monies are directly transferred from your credit card to the merchant account held by Cracka Wine.

      For more information about eWAY and online credit card payments, please visit

      When will I get charged?

      Your credit card will be charged as soon as you confirm a “Buy Now” purchase or as soon as your bid becomes a winning bid.

      What happens if my credit card payment fails?

      Unfortunately, if your credit card payment fails then all of you current bids will be cancelled and you will not be able to place more bids or “Buy Now” until you update your credit card details. In most cases we will be able to call you to process your payment manually.

      How do I close my account?

      We’d be sad to see you go but if you really want to close your account then please send us a note via our Contact Us page and we will process this upsetting (for us!) request for you. Note that any credit balance you have will be forfeited when you close your account.

      Using Vouchers/Gift Card

      Have a voucher code or a Gift Card? Lucky you! Find out how to redeem here.

      1) Select the wine you want to purchase and click Buy Now/Grab Deal Now button on the product page. and enter your post code in the field provided. Click the 'Submit' button.

      2)On the Confirm your Order page, enter your post code in the field provided. Click the 'Submit' button.

      3) Enter your voucher code or gift voucher number in the space provided and click the 'Redeem' button

      Once you have submitted your code, your voucher code or gift voucher will be applied and you will be able to see the total value of the discount above the 'Total'. You can click on 'Continue' or 'Checkout with PayPal' to complete your purchase.

      N.B. Voucher codes used & prices displayed in the example above are for demonstration purposes only.


      Cracka Wines uses Australia Post for all of our Daily Deal / Auction deliveries, whereas, our Wines for Sale deliveries are direct from the winery (or their local distributor) to you. This means that delivery costs and times may vary for you between our Daily Deals / Auction and our Wines for Sale areas. See below for information on how to determine your delivery costs.

      How much does delivery cost?

      Delivery costs depend on your delivery address and whether your purchase is from our Daily Deals / Auctions or our fixed price Wines for Sale area.

      Deliveries for our fixed price Wines for Sale purchases are dispatched either directly from the winery or from distribution centres near the wineries’ locations  (or from their local distributor), so these delivery times and costs will vary for each wine purchase. The quickest way to determine delivery for a specific product within our fixed price Wines for Sale area is to click on the “Calculate Delivery” button on a wine details page. On the form that displays, simply submit your postcode to see delivery costs for that particular wine.

      Cracka Wines Daily Deals / Auctions’ deliveries are all dispatched from our warehouse in Sydney. There is a delivery cost calculator on each auction details page. Simply enter your postcode into the calculator to determine your delivery costs. Note that delivery costs to you may vary for different auctions, so make sure you confirm your costs for each auction you view.

      Because our fixed price Wines for Sale purchases are dispatched individually either directly from the winery or from distribution centres near the wineries’ locations (or from their local distributor), we are unable to offer reduced delivery costs across different wines purchased within our fixed price Wines for Sale area.

      When will my order be dispatched?

      Your Daily Deals / Auction order will generally be dispatched the following business day. Your wine Wines for Sale order will generally be dispatched by the winery immediately upon receipt of your order.

      How long will my delivery take?

      To help us keep our prices down and reduce our carbon footprint, most wines we sell are delivered straight from the supplier. As a result, our delivery times vary greatly - depending on their location and where your order is being delivered.

      Your order confirmation email will confirm where your order is being dispatched from.

      Here’s a rough guide to how long you should allow for your order to arrive:

      Standard Orders:

      • Eastern Capitals: 3-5 business days
      • Adelaide, Perth, Hobart: 6-8 business days
      • All other areas: up to 10 business days

      Winery Direct Orders:
      Given many cellar doors are located in regional areas and may only be open a few day per week, we ask that you allow an additional 2 business days for these to be delivered.

      The delivery time frames shown above are not guaranteed and we ask that you allow 10 business days for your order to arrive (excluding weekends and public holidays.)

      Please note that delivery times over the Christmas, New Year, and the Easter holiday periods may be longer than normal.

      Can I stipulate a delivery time?

      Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this service. We hope to introduce a premium delivery service in the future where, for a small additional fee, you will be able to choose the date and time of your delivery.

      My order hasn't arrived!

      Please allow up to 10 business days for your delivery to arrive. If after 10 business days you still have not received your delivery please contact us and we will do our very best to resolve this for you as quickly as possible.

      Do I need to be home when my purchase arrives?

      No. If you are not at home your order will left at your nearest Australia Post office or distribution centre for collection (with a card placed in your letter box). Or, if you have selected “yes” for “Authority to leave” when placing your order then the product will be left at your delivery address. Please note, authority to leave is available for credit card purchases only. We cannot offer authority to leave for paypal customers.

      In some cases, where the wine is being sent directly to you by the winery, the wine may be sent via a courier and, if you are not home, your order may be taken to the courier's distribution centre for collection. The person collecting the wines must be 18 or over and able to present identification corresponding to the name of the consignee.  

      Unfortunately, our couriers are generally unable to call you prior to delivering your order.

      Can I have my order sent to a PO Box?

      Yes - we are happy to deliver to PO Box addresses. The person collecting the wines must be 18 or over and able to present identification corresponding to the name of the consignee.

      I have a parcel locker. Can my purchase be delivered there?

      Please check with your Parcel Locker provider's Terms & Conditions, as alcohol may not be accepted. Returned orders will incur a re-delivery fee and cause delays in your delivery time.

      Changing or Cancelling Orders

      So that we can offer you the best possible price, Cracka's fulfilment systems are fully automated. This means that the moment your order has been placed, the wheels start turning and we are unable to cancel your order or change any of your order details.

      Can I update my delivery address once I have placed my order?

      Unfortunately, we are unable to change delivery addresses once your order has been placed.

      You can update your saved delivery address at any time by signing in to your My Cracka account and clicking on 'Addresses' under the 'My Account' section. You can also update your delivery address when placing a new order.

      Please be aware that Cracka Wines cannot be held responsible for deliveries to incorrect or incomplete addresses provided by you. For more information on our delivery policy, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

      Can I add Authority to Leave instructions once I have placed my order?

      Unfortunately, we are unable to add Authority to Leave instructions once your order has been placed.

      Can I cancel my order?

      Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel orders once they have been placed.

      If you no longer require the wine you have ordered you can return it to the following address for a refund (less the delivery fee paid with your order):

      Cracka Wines
      Level 1, 104 Buckingham Street
      Surry Hills NSW 2010

      Please contact us prior to returning your wine so that we can be sure to keep a look out for it so that we can process your refund for you quickly. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more details about returns and refunds.

      Do you deliver to New Zealand?

      At this time we are unable to offer deliveries to New Zealand addresses.

      Do you deliver to overseas addresses?

      At this time we are unable to offer deliveries to addresses outside of Australia.

      Signing In

      Why am I being asked to sign in again?

      You may be asked to sign in periodically to protect your identity and privacy. This will normally happen when you request to change account details.

      I can’t sign in!

      If you can’t sign in try the “I forgot my password” option from the sign in page. You can usually resolve sign in issues by checking you are using the correct sign in information in this manner.

      Our site uses cookies (very small files that are sent by us to your computer or other access device) which we can access when you visit our site in future. You must have cookies enabled in order to sign in to your My Cracka account.

      Update Email Preferences

      To update your email subscription preferences or unsubscribe, click here.

      Technical Support

      I am having trouble accessing/browsing certain areas of

      Our development team works really hard to ensure that our site works across a variety of browsers and operating systems, however, if you are having trouble browsing and using some of the features of our site (such as making an offer), it may be because we no longer support your browser/operating system.

      The browsers/operating systems that we support are listed below:

      PC users:

      • Windows 8 & above
      • Internet Explorer 9 & above
      • Firefox 3.6 & above
      • Chrome 14 & above
      • Opera 11 & above
      • Safari 4 & above

      Mac users:

      • Safari 4 & above
      • Firefox 10 & above
      • Chrome 14 & above
      • Opera 11 & above

      iPhone/iPad users:

      • IOS 6 & above

      Android users:

      • Android version 4.1 & above
      • Android native browser
      • Chrome

      Our site also uses cookies (very small files that are sent by us to your computer or other access device) which we can access when you visit our site in future. You must have cookies enabled in order to use certain features of our site, such as accessing your My Cracka Account and to make offers on our falling price auctions.

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      Shopping Cart

      Unfortunately we do not have a shopping cart implemented on our site. When you order wine from Cracka, in most cases, the order is sent to the winery (or winery distributor), who then dispatch the wine directly to you. It is for this reason that each product must be ordered separately.

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